Nathan Yardy

There are many great stories out there and I try to tell some of them

Who am I?

About Me

Who am I and what have I done?

I am always curious about the best way to tell a story. I believe in the power of hearing and sharing compelling stories with a social impact.

An experienced Media Producer with a history of working in video, documentary film, multimedia, television broadcast production, and live AV operation. My professional skills include team supervision, project management, writing/editing for storytelling and academia, and analytical skills. I have a strong background in intercultural communication and leadership, with an MA in International Affairs from The New School in May 2017.

I have had a variety of roles over the years, including as producer and editor of documentary film, live AV technician and supervisor, independent Media Producer for non-profits and individual clients, writer/journalist for several projects, and providing miscellaneous production support. Some of the projects I've been involved with include the following:

  • The New School projects: View(Points) 360, Voces de Vecinos, and a podcast/radio feature on the immigrant journey from Barbados to NYC.
  • Found Object's video series for Local Voices national political campaign and New York State's Reforming the Energy Vision campaign
  • 30-minute documentary about Research on Violence against Women for PBS affiliate (KET) with the University of Kentucky Visualization Center
  • World Equestrian Games and Rolex 3-Day Event
  • Organizational media campaigns, and many others



View(Points) 360 media project - The New School

Voces de Vecinos - The New School IFP 2016

Research on Violence against Women - University of Kentucky Vis Center

Orphan's Treasure Box Testimony


Barbados to NYC: 50 years apart

Video Editing

NYS Rev Anthem Kohilo web version - Found Object

Local Voices Highlight Reel - Found Object






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